Önceden Ayarlanmış Profesyonel Daf / YDAF-5

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Önceden Ayarlanmış Profesyonel Daf / YDAF-5


Leather: Synthetic leather is used. In order to catch the natural leather tone that all musicians seek, a very specially produced leather has been chosen.
A specially designed leather for natural leather look
Lightness: The materials used for stealing for a long time are carefully selected. Its weight is around 700 grams.
Cymbals: As we mentioned above, cymbals are selected.
Dimensions: 53cm diameter, Pulley width 5 cm
Performed by: Made by 3 people, 2 very good musicians and one instrument maker
Design: An attempt was made to design a simple def, like the original "Iranian Defi" image. The leather used is designed close to the original leather look. The thin strip around the pulley adds a very special flair to Def.
One of the important details: Def's hand-held place is very specially designed, you can keep it holding for a long time without getting tired.

Teknik Özellikleri

Kasnak Doğal bir İran daf sesi için özel olarak tasarlanmıştır

Hafif, Daha uzun çalmak ve elin yorulumaması için

  • Çap: 53 cm (21.25 inches)
  • Ağırlık: 0.70 kg (0.65 ~ 0.75 kg) 
  • Genşlik: 5 cm ( 2 inches )
  • Kasnak: Sentetik,
  • Yumuşak kılıf ile geliyor